Defining the Human Through Media/Tech: A Letter to Fanon & McLuhan

Any feedback, questions, comments are not expected (hi lonely blog), but would be greatly appreciated, as I still have more than a week before I need to submit and a little less than month before I present. I was invited to speak at a small graduate student colloquium to discuss my work.  The topic is […]

Looking at History vs. Looking at the Past

This post brought to you from the confines of my humanistic little heart. I am in the midst of an interesting internal debate with external consequences. I think I don’t like History.  I am also so/so on history. Actually, I am probably currently rejecting any kind of historical derivative as well. Despite this, I am […]

Spontaneous collaborations

Digital media is an ideal tool to facilitate spontaneous collaborations. The internet instantaneously connects people with various skills, knowledge and perspectives all interested in similar discourses. Though people have always had means to find one and other, in the past, it was not as easy as typing something in to Google or catching the right […]