Virtually Jade

I spend more time than is normal observing how tech becomes invisible in everyday life and how it affects intrahuman interaction. I am mildly obsessed with:

  1. spaces that make digital information into new knowledge and culture
  2. changes digital things enable and disable in culture and society
  3. ownership, ethics, and morality in data and surveillance

I am the Director of Educational Technology and Learning Management at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries (previously the Director of Digital Project Management at Columbia University Libraries and the Program Director for ePortfolio and Digital Initiatives at LaGuardia Community College), I am lucky enough to have work that brings all of these things together while letting me explore what fascinates other people.

In my not work time I like to take a more speculative and/or performative approach to the same broad areas of interest. I do this by replacing 1-3 with 1-4:

  1. the accident built into
  2. erasure caused by
  3. the imaginary world of
  4. recreated cultural biases of

emerging technologies.

[other interests]

technology and..

  • formal and informal learning spaces
  • performance studies
  • media ecologies
  • decolonization
  • cultural forms of knowledge production
  • random theorists (Fanon, McLuhan, Barthes... etc)
  • slavery and cyborgs
  • empathy (against)


PhD: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Communication Studies: Digital Media, Technology, and Culture + Performance Studies

MA: New York University | French Studies

BA: University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa | French

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