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The About Bits

IAMA an Associate Director of Digital Learning Projects at LaGuardia Community College. I do applied theory and media ecology. IHAVEA PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Communication Studies (Media, Technology, and Culture). IHAVEA MA in French Studies [History & Sociology Focus] fromNYU 2006, BA UH-MANOA. IAMA member of the HASTAC Steering Committee and the FemTechNet Advisory Board. IAMA Former Intern with the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England. There are two people who know me as “mom”.

My questions center around:

1.spaces that make digital information into new knowledge and culture

2. changes digital things enable in culture and society

3. ownership, ethics, and morality in data and surveillance

When I do Cultural Studies: Fanon, Barthes, McLuhan, and Zora Neale Hurston are my spirit theorists, but I like exploring.

Linked below, but here too, my most recent (academic) article is now available: The Catholic schoolgirl & the wet nurse: On the ecology of oppression, trauma and crisis

Production/creativity make me happy because I like to make things.

because twitter is where I update the web… on my life.


Publications, Talks, Etc.

Projects (a selection)

Past Projects

The #FutureEd Initiative

The History and Future of Higher Education “is an open, multi-institutional, worldwide, user-inspired, HASTAC-led initiative dedicated to transforming higher education.  I participated in the Duke based class led by professor Cathy Davidson.

Read more at HASTAC….

Introduction to New Media

2014-03-14 08.14.51 pm

resources for Introduction to New Media


  • to incorporate hands-on experience with different modes of creation including graphics, HTML, audio, and electronic circuitry
  • to experiment creatively with different forms of digital media
  • to understand the theory and cultural context of the “new” media we engage with on a day to day basis

21st Century Collective

We are a working & research group of transdisciplinary graduate students from Duke, UNC, and NCSU mentored by Cathy Davidson. We explore changes to learning practices in a digital world. We make and write together. Our first big writing project Field Notes #21st Century Literacies: A Guide to New Theories, Methods, and Practice for Open Peer Teaching and Learning is now available in book form and around the web.

THATCamp RTP 2010
I was the chief organizer for THATCamp(The Humanities and Technology Camp) RTP, the first regional THATCamp to take place in RTP. It took place October 16, 2010 at Duke University.
I attended the first Mozilla Drumbeat Festival on November 3-5 as part of the Storming the Academy HASTAC tent. I worked on an ethnographic piece around the activities of the tent at Drumbeat. As part of this project I created a digital short documentary and created a digital filed journal. The Field Journal and Video can be accessed here:http://jadedid.com/drumbeat
Modeling a new Collective: HASTAC Scholars as a Case Study

At DML2011 I was part of a panel on New Collectives that showcased HASTAC. As part of my talk, I preseneted an online project entitled “Modeling a new Collective: HASTAC Scholars as a Case Study” http://jadedid.com/dml2011/

THATCamp RTP 2012, Co-Organizer
THATCamp RTP 2012
THATCamp RTP 2012 was September 15th at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sponsored by the Institute for the Arts and the Humanities and Semaphore, a Triangle based student-led working group on media and technology
jKkxYDc5The Third THATCamp in the Research Triangle Area will be taking place at NCSU’s Hunt Library on March 28th. This is very exciting as this means it has been at all three of the major research Universities in the Area (Duke, UNC, and now NCSU), and because I’ve been able to take on the role of a minor-organizer/visual asset maker/manager. Instead of master of all things.

Performance and History & Making Memory Matter

I’m working on a few projects related to Black/African Diaspora, History and Performance specifically looking at the way historical memory matters. The primary project, Vintage Black Beauty, is part of my dissertation project. The project explores what it means to have access to archival imagery across time and space for the purpose of creating new “lived” historical narratives. New mini-projects will be added as they are completed.
Vintage Black Beauty (part of my dissertation project)http://vintageblackbeauty.tumblr.com/archive
Project #1: Zora (completed)http://jadedid.com/zora/

Project #2: Nosy-Be Kvindehttp://jadedid.com/nosybe/

Project #3: Hottentots: Playing with Scripthttp://jadedid.com/hottentots/

Extra Project:The Way to Carry a Babyhttp://jadedid.com/cameroon


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