One of my many joys in life is having conversations with my grandmother. They end up going all over the place. I realized a while ago I want to keep them. As she says in the conversation below, she is in a particular “stage of life”. Apparently google voice has an embed function. I thought I’d try it. Though, really, calls should be edited. Something this one is not. Also, I’m not sure how I feel knowing that google voice calls can be shared and embedded this easily. begin Makes me feel really secure about my pricacy .

Anyway, a conversation with my grandmother. Topics include bike rides, bike related injuries, great grandparents, school, retirement and general family bantering.

Cast: Jeanne (my mother), Lucille (My Aunt), Donovan (My Son, youngest), Babs (My Cousin, Grandmother’s Niece), Papa (Grandfather, Grandmother’s Husband), Kristal (My Sister), Tristan (My Son, eldest)