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April 23
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Already Augmented and Virtually Real
What happens when technology and the imaginary, and all its biases collide to create the newest form of digital innovation? In this talk Dr. Jade E. Davis explores why progression that seems forward thinking based solely on technology will perpetually increase the distance between people by design. Focusing on two of the most anticipated digital technologies in recent memory – virtual and augmented reality – she will examine who digital media forget, leave behind, and push forward. She will also discuss why it’s important to close these gaps if we want to move forward as a society.  
Summer 2018
Fredericksburg, VA
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 Keynote
(title and description soon)

Apocalypse Buffering: iBreathe Speculative Fiction Panel at Theorizing the Web 2017


Theorizing the Web 2016 Keynote: The Virality of Evil (and Fuck, Marry, Kill)


Surveillant Anxiety: Pleasure in the Surveillance of “Others” and Seveillance at the Deep Lab
May 2015, Deep Lab, NYC


#Remix the Diss: New Models, Methods, Media
CUNY/HASTAC/Futures Initiative
NYC, NY 2014


The Open Learning Game (Activity and Talk)
HASTAC Conference,
Lima, Peru, 2014


Students as End Users in the MOOC Ecology
Microsoft Research New England PhD Intern Talk
Cambridge, MA 2013