Jade Did Drumbeat: A Field Journal

It's Interactive and Ethnographic

The Opening

This video puts the opening speeches provided by Cathy Davidson and Mitchell Baker in conversation.  It was very empowering to start the first day of the festival with these two amazing women.  After this speech all the participating groups pitched their ideas.

The Future of Learning

I still have my main questions. They are one of the reasons I am back in school. I want to know where traditional institutions fit in Freedom, learning and the web? are we friend, foe or collaborator with the non-traditional institutions that are taking ground? What is the future of learning?

I am so lucky to have been able to play with these questions in real time with people at Drumbeat and with Future Class.  To get different perspectives on what that future might be is invaluable.  To put those perspectives into conversation with each other?  I don’t even know the words to qualify that.

I learned so much by watching people playing, especially at Drumbeat. The video above is an illustration of what we are all capable of doing if we work together in real time, with a bit of imagination, tinkering and determination.  I did not produce it, but it inspires me.

To see the work that Mozilla will continue to do around this theme, visit:


Mozilla Drumbeat?

Mozilla + Learning, Freedom and the Web = ???

One of the unspoken questions I had, and probably the most frequent question from outsiders when I discussed the Drumbeat festival and Future Class, was “what is Mozilla’s purpose in putting on this festival?” or “What is Mozilla up to?”.   Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, spoke on what Mozilla is up to during the opening day keynotes. Highlights that addressed this question for me are in the video above.

The bullet points below also helped answer the question of the what and why for me. They originally appeared on Mark Surmon’s Blog on October 31st:

Mozilla Drumbeat Logo

Mozilla Drumbeat Logo

Drumbeat in 3 bullets

  • Mozilla exists to make sure the internet stays open and awesome.
  • With Drumbeat, we’re moving beyond Firefox to build more things that make the web better — not just software.
  • We’re doing this by reaching out new kinds of people — teachers, filmmakers, lawyers, journalists. These people will play a key role in shaping the future of the web.

All of this is in line of course, with the Mozilla Manifesto, a manifesto that was required reading for future class.