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The Staff

a.k.a. The Rockstars

As a HASTAC team we meet weekly to discuss all items and FutureClass has been discussed at our meetings every week since the beginning of the term.   I don’t think I’ve ever included my class on the weekly agendas before but, because this one changes all the rules, it needs all of us thinking together on how to make it work as seamlessly as possible.

Cathy, Private email, Reproduced with permission

There were three women.  They occasionally popped in to our classes and spoke on administrative details or replied to an email sent to the listserv.  They also showed up when anything big or small needed to happen.

A few examples:

  • buying a domain
  • setting up the infrastructure for a website, 3+ times
  • making sure we were getting course credit
  • making sure we were safe while traveling
  • making sure we had places to stay in foreign countries
  • making sure we had everything we needed, from food to art supplies
  • guaranteeing  our class was successful
  • checking in to make sure we are having an all around positive experience
  • cab fare
  • phone calls

What word do we use to describe women like this other than Rock Stars?

What  I don’t think members of the class realized is how much work they were doing outside of the obvious things .  They were all part of our overactive listserv, wading through more than 500 emails we sent during the semester, making sure everything was okay.  They were discussing any issues or concerns they saw bubbling up in their weekly staff meetings, going through the class in real time, behind the scenes apart from us, but with us at the same time.

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