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or, a Topic Often Left Undiscussed

I started really thinking about Gender when I was reflecting on what the experience of going to Drumbeat was like.  The opening, where two women at the top of their fields opened up this event for 450+ hackers, technology enthusiasts and educators was awe inspiring.  It is something I noted on my initial blog post Drumbeat:

Now on to the abnormal/positive observation: THERE WERE SO MANY FRIGGIN’ AMAZING WOMEN at the event.  I didn’t realize, though I’m sure I’ve seen it before, that Mitchell Baker, the Chair of Mozilla Foundation, is a woman.

My Post Drumbeat Blog Post

Mary Caton and Robbie Have a Side Conversation

Mary Caton and Robbie Have a Side Conversation During Class

Future Class falls 50/50 along gender lines: 3 women, 3 men.  We are not immune from the normal structural problems we see replicated across society.  For us, gender has been an issue.  I’m not pointing this issue out in an attempt to vilify the males in class.  Rather, I think it is interesting that despite conversations around this there is still disagreement on if it is happening in our class space.  Another interesting side conversation has been around who gets to dictate if the experience of sexism is real.  I am not sure if there is a solution for this, but I think that acknowledging that it exists is important.

It also makes me wonder about the stories Cathy and Mitchell might have from their careers dealing with similar issues.  Anne Balsamo, who was part of the Storming the Academy tent and featured in the video on this page, is very vocal about her experiences of sexism during her career.  I am always thankful for people willing to give their voice to these subjects, especially when they’ve managed to be successful despite adversity, either real or perceived, that they have experienced.

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