Jade Did Drumbeat: A Field Journal

It's Interactive and Ethnographic

The Closing

The Closing ceremony of the festival was very exciting.  I sat in the room during the prep for the “variety show” to go over the highlights, hiding in a little window seat as sound checks and script run throughs happened around me.  I was exhausted, but excited.  Since Cathy was part of the opening the organizers had her come back for a final run through.

She was very excited to see me because she had big news: Mozilla had decided to take on the Future Class tool as part of their on-going Drumbeat development projects!

And then the search for Whitney and Sam started.  Whitney had opted to go back to her room and take a nap.  Luckily we managed to call Sam back from his hotel for the big announcement.  Of course, the element of surprise was taken away since we had to tell him why we needed him back.  I was so excited for both Nick and Sam because we wouldn’t have been in such an amazing place had it not been for both of their efforts.

During the actual run through of the closing they asked Cathy what she was taking back with her from the festival.

Her reply was,

I’m taking back five wonderful students.

The audience laughed.  She asked us to stand up, and there was applause.

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