Jade Did Drumbeat: A Field Journal

It's Interactive and Ethnographic

The Future of Learning

Drumbeat "Future of Education" Demo from David Humphrey on Vimeo.

This demo was shot, edited, translated, subtitled, and coded in one day at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. It contains interviews on the Future of Education with various attendees at the Festival.

I still have my main questions. They are one of the reasons I am back in school. I want to know where traditional institutions fit in Freedom, learning and the web? are we friend, foe or collaborator with the non-traditional institutions that are taking ground? What is the future of learning?

I am so lucky to have been able to play with these questions in real time with people at Drumbeat and with Future Class.  To get different perspectives on what that future might be is invaluable.  To put those perspectives into conversation with each other?  I don’t even know the words to qualify that.

I learned so much by watching people playing, especially at Drumbeat. The video above is an illustration of what we are all capable of doing if we work together in real time, with a bit of imagination, tinkering and determination.  I did not produce it, but it inspires me.

To see the work that Mozilla will continue to do around this theme, visit:


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