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Discussing Ideas

Robbie Discussing his Ideas on Collaboration at Drumbeat

I didn’t want this idea to get lost in the shuffle and thought perhaps we could start the conversation…

Whitney, email to the listserv

I wish I had some really great footage for this post or one of those amazing quotes Cathy always seems to have but I don’t.  I didn’t get a chance to ask Future Class their thoughts on the idea of “Ideas”, and how that has shaped the class and class experience for them.  I, of course, didn’t realize how central ideas were to everything about Future Class, and our Drumbeat experience until I had time to reflect and really look at all the information I compiled.   Talk about missing the obvious! As a result, this will be a post-observational post.

Nothing we have done this semester would have happened had it not been for someone’s idea. The owners of the ideas are varied and the individual ideas moved from owner to owner, at times belonging to the group. That has taken a lot of negotiation; of power, of roles, of communication… of everything. But it has been amazing to see what we come up with once we allow the ideas to have their own lives.

While I think the tool we have is probably something of our hallmark “idea into something” thing we can show it wouldn’t have existed had we not given all of our ideas life and let them live as part of Future Class. More than a project based tutorial, the experience was an idea based tutorial that forced us to push our ideas as far out as we could until they turned in to something tangible. All the ideas turned in to something amazing, even if it was just a really engaged conversation, and so did the group as a result.

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