Jade Did Drumbeat: A Field Journal

It's Interactive and Ethnographic

The Website(s)

The Class Website

I joined the class in search of a way to enable online collaboration in a class setting.  I was looking for a solution that was scalable, both public and private and had the ability to manage course and conversation workflow.  Anything else was just a perk.  After doing a bunch of research, and speaking with the project lead for the UNC Digital Commons Project, I decided to try buddypress.  With the blessing of the class, and the aid of the Director of New Media Strategy at HASTAC, I was able to get the site up and running in time for the class to use it pre and post Drumbeat.

Of all the feedback I could have received, I think the best feedback was from members of the class who had been weary of a public class blog.  All of the people became quick converts to the buddypress platform.  They attributed the comfort with a stronger community feel.

This Site

The goal of this site is to tinker with the information I gathered at Drumbeat to try and find a way to create an ethnographic archive of the experience, that is augmented with links, video and imagery in a way that a flat ethnographic document could not be.  I am playing with the form of the field journal here.

I guess technically, I am the lead website manager of both.  I developed nothing and broke everything (everything you see is thank to push button installs).

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