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I asked a question yesterday on twitter. It was a serious question with no real responses. “How honest and open are we allowed to be on twitter again? I forgot.” The pattern I am seeing is that on Social Network Sites there is a limit to how open and honest you should be, and it […]

Defining the Human Through Media/Tech: A Letter to Fanon & McLuhan

Any feedback, questions, comments are not expected (hi lonely blog), but would be greatly appreciated, as I still have more than a week before I need to submit and a little less than month before I present. I was invited to speak at a small graduate student colloquium to discuss my work.  The topic is […]

Trigger Warning Project / Playing with @mozilla Popcorn Maker

It’s been about a month since I made my initial post on the Trigger Warning that appeared on Sociological Images.  Since then, they’ve posted another post with the exact same trigger warning and issue.  It has been very generative for me to experience this.  I am working through what it means to face oppression the […]

Working Through the Breasts of The Secret Museum of Anthropology

The Secret Museum of Anthropology

I have a book. It has been in my possession for a few weeks now. It is called The Secret Museum of Anthropology. It was a private printing from the American Anthropological Association created in 1935 from a series of pirated photos. It included illustrations as well, to make it more science-y I am guessing. […]

Trigger Warning: On a Photograph and a Blog Post

Carl Hagenbeck

In attempting to understand the origins of racism, it is important to avoid removing it to a historical past or displacing its sources onto the oppressed.  Any investigation or representations of [otherness], then, must take a critical look at Euro-American whiteness to understand the construction of race as a category.  As critic Coco Fusco has […]

Looking at History vs. Looking at the Past

This post brought to you from the confines of my humanistic little heart. I am in the midst of an interesting internal debate with external consequences. I think I don’t like History.  I am also so/so on history. Actually, I am probably currently rejecting any kind of historical derivative as well. Despite this, I am […]

How do I poetically transcribe a photo…

with no story?  She fades into the words of the actions around her photograph. 542 notes, but almost no one leaves words… when they do, I save them. Photo #3 Madame, 547 Notes “Nosy-Be kvinde” (“Nosy-Be woman”). From the island of Nosy-Be, north west Madagascar. date unknown [collection] Photographs of the Mission Archives, School of […]

Thoughts on Modern Human Zoos

Yesterday I came across an article in the Guardian, Human safaris may be banned, but still tourists flock to Andaman Islandse My initial reaction was “I can’t believe they are still doing this”, because, as the article states, this is a re-visit, but also because “they” have been “doing this” for a while. I found […]

The Film Mobile & The Sound We See

So, life happens, even when one is a doctoral student.  And life can be overwhelming, something it has gone out of its way to do.  Little things make it worthwhile though.  Friday was a worthwhile night for me.  The Echo Park Film Center is on their tour this summer with the Film Mobile and on […]

Design Jam Chapel Hill

The first International Design Jam is now over.  I served as the Mozilla Champion/Organizer/Facilitator for Design Jam Chapel Hill.  We were sponsored by Mozilla Labs (of course as this is part of the concept series) and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at UNC Chapel Hill. All in all, the event was very successful. […]