My First Twitter Bot: @FanonInFrench

Tweets by @FanonInFrench // Yesterday I finally managed to successfully create a twitter bot. Thanks go out to the amazing twitter community that made this possible, namely @samplereality who provided me with the easiest bot creator I’ve found to date… and I say easiest because I managed to get it to work in less than 30 […]

Movement Language: Dada & Imperialism & Decolonization!?

I’ve embedded an entire video above, that is great if your into this stuff, if not speed ahead to 8:05 or click the link below. This stuff being dada and surrealism. It explains how surrealism, for Tristan Tzara, one of the dada creators that moved on to surrealism, is dadaism with a political purpose, less […]

Trigger Warning Project / Playing with @mozilla Popcorn Maker

It’s been about a month since I made my initial post on the Trigger Warning that appeared on Sociological Images.  Since then, they’ve posted another post with the exact same trigger warning and issue.  It has been very generative for me to experience this.  I am working through what it means to face oppression the […]

Trigger Warning: On a Photograph and a Blog Post

Carl Hagenbeck

In attempting to understand the origins of racism, it is important to avoid removing it to a historical past or displacing its sources onto the oppressed.  Any investigation or representations of [otherness], then, must take a critical look at Euro-American whiteness to understand the construction of race as a category.  As critic Coco Fusco has […]

Map of Africa

Today appfrica had an amazing post. It was just a picture, but the picture spoke volumes and was inspiring and just awesome. Source: I do not think we should abscond the struggles of our forefathers. I do not think we are in a “post-racial” society. However, the role of race and other identifiers has […]