Defining the Human Through Media/Tech: A Letter to Fanon & McLuhan

Any feedback, questions, comments are not expected (hi lonely blog), but would be greatly appreciated, as I still have more than a week before I need to submit and a little less than month before I present. I was invited to speak at a small graduate student colloquium to discuss my work.  The topic is […]

Working Through the Breasts of The Secret Museum of Anthropology

The Secret Museum of Anthropology

I have a book. It has been in my possession for a few weeks now. It is called The Secret Museum of Anthropology. It was a private printing from the American Anthropological Association created in 1935 from a series of pirated photos. It included illustrations as well, to make it more science-y I am guessing. […]

The Third Space

I’ve been out of school since I completed my MA at NYU’s Institute of French Studies in 2005. During my studies, I enjoyed looking at the complexity of French identity of marginalized populations in the metropole and DOM/TOMs because it was so different from the US experience, yet so familiar at the same time. Unfortunately, […]