My First Twitter Bot: @FanonInFrench

Tweets by @FanonInFrench // Yesterday I finally managed to successfully create a twitter bot. Thanks go out to the amazing twitter community that made this possible, namely @samplereality who provided me with the easiest bot creator I’ve found to date… and I say easiest because I managed to get it to work in less than 30 […]

Trigger Warning Project / Playing with @mozilla Popcorn Maker

It’s been about a month since I made my initial post on the Trigger Warning that appeared on Sociological Images.  Since then, they’ve posted another post with the exact same trigger warning and issue.  It has been very generative for me to experience this.  I am working through what it means to face oppression the […]

Trigger Warning: On a Photograph and a Blog Post

Carl Hagenbeck

In attempting to understand the origins of racism, it is important to avoid removing it to a historical past or displacing its sources onto the oppressed.  Any investigation or representations of [otherness], then, must take a critical look at Euro-American whiteness to understand the construction of race as a category.  As critic Coco Fusco has […]

Design Jam Chapel Hill

The first International Design Jam is now over.  I served as the Mozilla Champion/Organizer/Facilitator for Design Jam Chapel Hill.  We were sponsored by Mozilla Labs (of course as this is part of the concept series) and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at UNC Chapel Hill. All in all, the event was very successful. […]

Thoughts on Being Black Online

This is more of a stream of consciousness post while I try to figure things out.  At some point I hope to do more research on the issues at hand write something a bit more coherent. It all started with the Article on Gizmodo, Why I Stalk a Sexy Black Woman on Twitter (And Why […]

Spontaneous collaborations

Digital media is an ideal tool to facilitate spontaneous collaborations. The internet instantaneously connects people with various skills, knowledge and perspectives all interested in similar discourses. Though people have always had means to find one and other, in the past, it was not as easy as typing something in to Google or catching the right […]

Collaborative History

In my experience growing up and in grad school, history always seemed to be a one sided conversation the historian had with their theoretical approach to the history at hand. While this is useful in many ways, and extremely interesting, it seems overly… untouchable by the masses. If our life is based on memories then […]