Misinformation: The content without a medium?

The world has officially fried my brain. I don’t have any deep thoughts about technology other than them being tools of war, a war that it feels like the side that wishes for humanity to thrive is desperately losing. The culprit? 


Just as money is the only medium without content. I am stuck in this feeling that misinformation is its final form that escapes remediation, a content without a medium (though maybe the medium is electronic information until it moves into the mind of individuals). As a result, the end game of mis-information, that which can’t be remediated, is death. What is intellectually fascinating about this, or at least the part that has me deep in my realist headspace, is that misinformation, without a medium to direct it, aims itself in all directions with the death it carries, even to those conveying the message.

I have no profound thoughts about this, other than, just as with money, there does not seem to be a way to slow this down. Because misinformation is medium agnostic and really takes root in the mind, there are too many tendrils and loose ends to stop it. Each mind it ensnares becomes a new conduit for it to reach a new network or reinforce the beliefs of networks where it is already part of the fact of living. One bit of actual information has an infinite life as a tidbit of misinformation, from the mundane to the catastrophic. We are in a confluence of catastrophe phases with multiple global crises at the critical point of no return. I am too tired to imagine a way out.

The never ending war is here.

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