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The Myth of the “Stupid Student”

This is my first post-PhD semester, and much to my sadness, I will not be teaching students. My new role is in faculty development around media and pedagogy. I am lucky enough to have a fantastic circle of friends who finished with me that beat the odds and found academic positions. As we all explore […]

Surveillant Anxiety: Pleasure in the Surveillance of “Others” and Seveillance at the Deep Lab

Yesterday I was on a absolutely amazing panel (video at link) at the Deep Lab on Surveillant Anxiety. Panel Description What are the lived effects of surveillance? From the anxieties of the surveilled to those of the surveillers, this panel considers the cultural, physiological, political, and psychological effects of mass surveillance. Moderator: Kate Crawford [Deep […]

Creating a (almost) fail proof Final Project or Paper

One of the banes of my existence has, and forever might be, grades. I had a conversation a few years ago with someone about grades, and I remember the person saying you could define a course in two ways with regards to grades, one where you go for mastery of applying the material, giving everyone […]

Dissertation Abstract #remixthediss

After the wonderful panel yesterday, I had some people ask for more details on what I’m doing. Here is an abstract: Historical glitch: Understanding digital media through the photographic lens, explores the intersecting media ecologies of social media, digital heritage content, and culture. Specifically, this project focuses closely on what a digital project that takes […]

Media, Popular Culture, and Teaching #Ferguson

Today was the first day of class for me. I’m teaching Media & Popular Culture. One of my favorite classes to teach. I generally like to start the course with something fun, but things are… complicated right now. I couldn’t imagine starting the class without talking about this thing that is happening right now. At […]

My First Twitter Bot: @FanonInFrench

Tweets by @FanonInFrench // Yesterday I finally managed to successfully create a twitter bot. Thanks go out to the amazing twitter community that made this possible, namely @samplereality who provided me with the easiest bot creator I’ve found to date… and I say easiest because I managed to get it to work in less than 30 […]

Tagging of Tumblr Posts

Decade Tagged Images 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 Date Unknown I checked my Tumblr  inbox and someone had submitted a photo that I’d already posted. I was tempted to send them the link, […]

Movement Language: Dada & Imperialism & Decolonization!?

I’ve embedded an entire video above, that is great if your into this stuff, if not speed ahead to 8:05 or click the link below. This stuff being dada and surrealism. It explains how surrealism, for Tristan Tzara, one of the dada creators that moved on to surrealism, is dadaism with a political purpose, less […]

For the love of critical making & doing

because to me it is part of critical pedagogy… or something. (Is critical pedagogy a thing?) I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own style of pedagogy. So here is a part of mine. I’m about to embark on a new teaching trajectory where I get to put making before theory […]